Bernie Sanders had a Heart Attack, Campaign in Check

Bernie Sanders had a Heart Attack, Campaign in Check

Vermont Senator and US Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders had a heart attack last week. According to reports, the veteran senator flies home to Vermont to regain his strength. However, a number of pollsters are now questioning his capability to be president.

According to Sanders’ campaign adviser, Jeff Weaver, Sanders experienced “chest discomfort” at a campaign rally last Tuesday. Apparently, they initially dismissed it as such. However, medical findings suggested that the veteran did indeed suffer a heart attack.

Fortunately, Bernie Sanders’s stay at the hospital was uneventful at best. In a statement he released Friday, Sanders mentioned that:

“I want to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff at the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center for the excellent care that they provided. After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel great, and after taking a short time off, I look forward to getting back to work.”

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Bernie Sanders goes on break, no update as to how long

As reported, Sanders plans to take a break from the campaign. However, no details have been shared as to how long this break would last. Although, a press release from Sanders’s campaign team mentioned that he could be joining the October 15 Debate.

The 78-year-old veteran senator arrived in Vermont 6 PM Saturday.

Notably, Sanders figures as one of the top Democrats vying for the party nomination. His anti-Trump sentiments have been reverberating throughout the party. However, his socialist leanings are evenly questioned as well.

Despite this, Sanders just recently bagged more than $25 Million from fundraisers. In essence, Sanders has the machinery and support to continue running his campaign against fellow Democrats Liz Warren and Joe Biden. However, critics are now questioning the state of Bernie Sanders’s health following this incident. Can a 78-year-old veteran who just recently had a heart attack effectively lead a nation of 300 million?


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