Bandai: Chinese Toy Company Apologizes for Gundam “Counterparts”

Bandai: Chinese Toy Company Apologizes for Gundam “Counterparts”

Bandai a Japanese company is known for various toy lines and video games such as the “Gundam” products nearly worldwide.

However, this Chinese company does a riff offs of the original “Grandpa” or the iconic “RX-78” of the East.

bandai riff offs
Courtesy of Kotaku

Well, Bandai being the first and only creator of the figures.

And we all know that the Gundam is composed of colors such as white, blue, yellow and red shown below.

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The first-ever Gundam created by Sunrise studios in 1979 and is the first icon of the “Mechas” or robot piloted by a human.

But on the other hand, the Chinese company is making such a counterpart of the original Gundam that is called “Gunzam.”

Well, China is a large country and most of the products that we used are mostly made in China.

However, it seems copyright law is a different thing from them.

“China loves Gundam. But China doesn’t always love copyright law.”

Said Kotoku

I mean who doesn’t love Gundam right? It’s so popular across Asia as well as the West.

But for this one, it’s way too far.

Back in 2009, The Bandai took Hongli’s toys and shuts down all of its products as they haven’t had the official license from, the original makers.

They file a lawsuit against Hongli for copying various lines from Gundam such as the SD Figures and Mobile Suit figures and Hongli paying $120,000 for legal fines.

In the same year, Bandai-Namco constructed a 1/1 model of the RX-78 at the front of Diver City in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

Which later on being similarly copied by Floral and theme Park without them knowing.

However, the Mecha’s based color and the structure looks like exactly from the giant statue in Tokyo.

It has also the WB logo stands for White Base and the EFSF logo on shoulders stands for Earth Federation Special Forces. Which was originally in the first series.

The Theme park denied the accused copyright and the statue disappeared.

However, the new version is a spiky shoulder and has shin Pads.

It almost looks like the combination of Zaku (If you are a Gundam fan) and the Gundam itself.

They immediately apologize right after the incident of copyright violation.


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