Bad Boys are Back Once again as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Reunites

Bad Boys are Back Once again as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Reunites

Bad boys what’cha gonna do? Well, in this case, the boys are back full of twists, action and explosions and more in the new movie.

bad boys for life
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It’s almost 17 years when we last see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence doing some action.

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve seen this duo.

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Are you excited to see Mike and Marcus once again? Wait no more.

It’s on theaters as of today you can check that out now.

What is Bad Boys?

It is an action-comedy film genre movie released in 1995 and it’s directed by Michael Bay.

Starting Will Smith as Mike Lowrey a Hard-charging cop and his colleague/life-long buddy Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett.

These two are cops from Miami with a mission to arrest drug dealers and smugglers.

Same thing they did in the Bad Boys II however, on this one it’s like a save one and arrest the antagonist mission.

The two characters are fierce and show no fear.

Now with the same vibe, they returned however, things are different now.

As Mike is still busy with being a cop, Marcus is ready to settle down and retire.

Until there’s a mission left still as the Mexican cartel leader who escaped.

Oopsie, that’s a spoiler alert!

Well, you can go check it out in theaters.


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