Baby Shark used to remove homeless people from park

Baby Shark used to remove homeless people from park

In an effort to deter homeless people from sleeping in a park, West Palm Beach in Florida blasts Baby Shark on their speakers.

According to reports, the city administration has tried a lot of things to effectively remove homeless people over the years. However, they keep on coming back. Hence, they tried to do something else. Over a number of days, West Palm Beach blasted the ultra-catchy kids’ song Baby Shark to discourage those who kept on sleeping in public places.

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Apparently, this tactic was already done by the city previously. Previously, city speakers blasted classical music to deter drug dealers in the area. Unfortunately, apparent drug dealers smashed the speakers in an apparent rejection of the tactic.

City Spokesperson Katherine Walter notes that the city’s intentions are good. In doing so, they get to remove the homeless from unsafe lodgings. According to her, they want the homeless to “seek safer, more appropriate shelter.”. However, she did not mention any city initiative towards housing.

As expected, activist groups bashed the move by the government. According to Megan Hustings, this act curtails basic human rights. Notably, she argues that there is an apparent “lack of concern for our community members who are struggling through a very rough time”.

Pinkfong’s Baby Shark has garnered over 3 billion views on Youtube. Currently, the song is the 8th most viewed video on the popular website. Incidentally, parents all over the world experience daily the same amount of stress as those in West Palm Beach.


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