Axolotl a Mexican walking fish, can it possibly cure cancer?

Axolotl a Mexican walking fish, can it possibly cure cancer?

This species called the “Axolotl” or known as the “Walking Fish” is a neotenic salamander and originally founded on Mexico. The name might be. Related to fish but it’s not, it’s actually an underwater lizard.

Courtesy from pixabay

So these cute species look like a type of gecko or a lizard but in reality, it’s a sea salamander.

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These species have known for their unique ability to regenerate fast.

Well, Imagine having a superhuman power like that, kinda cool.

Axolotls used to be extinct due to Mexico’s water crisis back then according to CITES.

However, the species somehow manage survives when species spotted on Xochimilco.

Now “axolotl shelters” are currently on the works to save the species from extinction.

Now scientists have a discovery that these species can cure cancer.

Really? Wow!

Possibly yes, according to Scientists at the University of Nottingham said:

“It have managed to bring cancer cells back, Under control by reactivating the cells’ cancer suppressor genes using an extract from axolotl oocytes.”

They also said that these might be a new powerful solution for cancer treatment.

And due to its regeneration factor, it can heal almost all parts of the body.

For example, do you know Deadpool or do you watch the movie? That’s right.

This Marvel superhero is a perfect example of this animal and due to the fact that he also had a cure for human diseases.

“The on/off switch in genes is controlled by the modification of proteins that are bound to the DNA in a cell—so called epigenetic modifications,”

Said Cinzia Allegrucci, study investigator.

“Tumor suppressor genes in many breast cancers are switched off by epigenetic marks, which is the underlying cause of tumors. We sought to reverse this process, activating the tumor suppressor genes, in hope of stopping cancerous cell divisions.”

Although government researchers don’t confirm this yet but hopefully in future they might consider.

However, the species might be affected by it.


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