Asexual Giant Panda Dies in Thailand Zoo

Asexual Giant Panda Dies in Thailand Zoo

A popular 19-year-old asexual Giant Panda mysteriously died in a Thailand Zoo earlier this week.

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The panda had been on loan from China since 2003. Apparently, China’s animal loan program figures as a way to establish and maintain diplomatic ties with other countries. Hence, the unexpected death of one of the loaned animals caused a number of uproar and concerns from Chinese animal advocates. Chuang Chuang lived with his supposed partner, Lin Hui, throughout their 19-year stay in Thailand.

Particularly, this Giant Panda was one of Chiang Mai’s most popular attractions. However, his popularity rose not because he’s an endangered animal. Apparently, he became popular for being somewhat an asexual animal. Notably, Pandas have been categorized as an endangered species. Hence, it became imperative for authorities to breed the animals in captivity to ensure the continuity of the species. However, Chuang Chuang did not seem to have any interest in mating with Lin Hui, his supposed mate in captivity. Apparently, the vets tried quite a lot of experiments to have him mate, including showing videos of pandas mating, or panda porn. Unfortunately, the porn did not interest him at all. Ultimately, his partner Lin Hui bore cubs through artificial insemination.

Giant Panda just collapsed

According to the zoo director of Chiang Mai’s City Zoo, the Giant Panda simply collapsed after gobbling up a meal of bamboo leaves. Furthermore, the panda did not show signs of weakness days and moments before he died.

An investigation is currently underway to uncover what could have happened to the panda. However, the Chinese are already accusing Thailand of poor animal care and treatment despite the lacking evidence. Subsequently, news about the death of Chuang Chuang has already received widespread media coverage in the mainland. To add to the fire, the Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported that the China Conservation and Research Center would be sending experts and scientists to Thailand to run a parallel investigation.


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