Andrew Bogut could be Banned after FIBA Altercation

Andrew Bogut could be Banned after FIBA Altercation

After Australia’s loss to Spain in double overtime, Andrew Bogut went into a really bad fit.

According to reports and evidence, the Australian was heard shouting “Google, where headquarters of f***ing FIBA is. It’s a f***ing disgrace … Cheating ass motherf***ers,”. Likewise, Bogut showed quite a lot of negative gestures throughout the game. Accordingly, one of those was when he rubbed his fingers as if to show that someone’s getting money after a referee called a foul against them that eventually lost them the game.

Apparently, Australia Boomers Assistant Coach Luc Longley also shared the sentiments of his player. In an interview in which he gave the nod to record, he mentioned that:

“We’ve gotta find an altar somewhere and burn a sacrifice, or do something the basketball gods, because they’re not kissing us on the dick yet, like they do Spain. You can print that if you want. “Spain gets kissed on the dick by the basketball gods every time we play them.”

With these expletive-laden statements, the Boomers are sure to receive a major slap by the federation.

Andrew Bogut and Boomers could still vie for the Bronze Medal

Unfortunately for them though, no matter how much tantrums they throw, the Boomers have already been eliminated from the running.

As Spain and Argentina battle it out for the championship match, the loser of that contest would receive the Silver Medal and Runner Up awards. Subsequently, those whom Spain and Argentina beat would figure in a final medal game for the Bronze. Hence, the Australians can still actually go home with a medal should they win their final ranking game against France. However, this could be a bleak possibility already as their star player and coach may be slapped fines and banned by the league before the final match. And France boasts of the strongest defense in the league.


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