Ancient Painting of an Animal Dated 44,000 Years Ago Found in a Cave

Ancient Painting of an Animal Dated 44,000 Years Ago Found in a Cave

Art is expressing your visuals, basically, you will need a pen and paper and your artistic mind, as well as for ancient history, art exists at that time.

ancient painting
Courtesy from pixabay

So the researchers have found this ancient 44,000 years old painting/carving of an animal almost like shape like a cow.

The painting was found in one of the oldest caves in the world in Indonesia.

The cave called Leang Bulu’Sipong 4 in the south of Sulawesi, an Indonesian island east of Borneo.

Archaeologist at Australia’s Griffith University Adam Brumm said:

“They are at least 40,000 years old, which was a very, very surprising discovery,”

But he then adds

“it was assumed they couldn’t be that old.”

So this carving shows like a cow yet a buffalo, wild boars type of animal founded of Sulawesi.

So how really interesting it is to see this kind of arts deep within the caves made by our ancestors.

This artwork was daubed on the limestone cave walls over 43,900 years ago,

According to the scientists at Australia’s Griffith University in an academic paper published in the journal Nature.

Thanks to technology scientists have found out the 4.5m (13ft) painting and see what it’s like.

And yes it was considered an artifact that proves ancient times.

Pretty sure it is really hard surviving back then isn’t it?

And so scientist has found out evidence which suggests humans before used raw materials as a material for their artifacts.

Although there was still no strong evidence of what type of animal it is, the scientist has set some various examples for it.


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