An Eco-friendly Algae Lamp of the French

An Eco-friendly Algae Lamp of the French

Finally, there’s a new lamp that has been created! It has its own electricity, it can transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen, and can work 24 hours a day! The new lamp is from France and it is called an algae lamp.

Moreover, a French biochemist Pierre Calleja is the person behind the innovative algae lamp.

Above all, it has the possibility to help cleanse our atmosphere. It can also save massive amounts of electricity because it can create its own power.

Basically, an algae lamp is a container with water, algae, a light, and a rechargeable battery. More importantly, the algae convert CO2 into oxygen molecules and carbohydrate power.

algae lamp of the French

The energy produced is used to create power which is deposited in the battery and can fuel the light even there’s no sunlight anymore.

In other words, the light is free, and it is eco-friendly because the oxygen from the algae reverts to the atmosphere.

As we all know, oxygen helps our planet to cool down from the excessive carbon in the atmosphere which causes our climate change today.


Therefore, if these algae lamps will be used by everyone, we can all help in the fight against global warming.

Let’s all be grateful to the invention of the French biochemist and to other people who are trying their best to save our planet.


We should not waste their efforts. Let’s support them in raising awareness of their projects.

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