American Traditions That Aren’t Acceptable to other Countries

American Traditions That Aren’t Acceptable to other Countries

The United States of America is one of the most liberated countries in the world. You can almost do anything in their country if it’s not something illegal. But sometimes, these American traditions are not acceptable to other countries. So, what are those traditions? Let’s have a look..

Eating Too Much


It is offensive to some Asian countries if you eat all the food on your plate. For them, it implies that they didn’t give you enough food.

American Traditions: Wearing Shoes Indoors

american traditions, wearing shoes indoor

In North America, it’s customary to wear shoes indoors unless it’s excessively wet or snowy outside. However, most Asian countries considered it very offensive to wear shoes into another person’s home.


American Traditions: Tipping

In North America, tipping is standard practice. In fact, it is impolite if you don’t give a tip. However, in other countries like Japan, tipping is offensive.


American Traditions: Complaining

In North America, it’s common to complain if the service does not meet the expectations of the customer.

However, in European countries, customers and employees are equal. That’s why complaining doesn’t get people very far.

“How Are You?”

how are you

It’s normal to ask someone how they’re doing as a way of greeting them. But in European countries, most people take that question very literally. So, if you ask it, they will answer it very honestly.

Peace Signs

peace sign

In North America, holding up the index and middle fingers at the same time is known as “the peace sign” which means peace.

But in other countries, like the U.K, it’s basically the same as spinning someone off.

American Traditions: Giving Someone the Bill

giving some bill

In the U.S., servers give their customers the bill quickly. But in most European countries, it is offensive to give your customer the bill before they ask for it. Basically, it implies that you want them to leave.

Saying “Thank You”

saying thank you

Saying “thank you” is pretty much deep-rooted in North American people. It’s just a part of having good manners.

However, in most Asian countries, saying “thank you” is offensive because it implies that the person wouldn’t have done the good deed otherwise.

Blowing Your Nose

blowing nose

In America, it is totally normal to blow your nose whenever you needed to. But in Japan, they see that as a very impolite thing to do in public.

Eating in Public

eating in public

In North America, people usually eat on trains, buses, or even just on their way home. However, most countries in Europe, it’s very offensive and impolite to eat in public places where food isn’t normally served.


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