Amazing Singer Finally Heard Her Voice Clearly After So Many Years

Amazing Singer Finally Heard Her Voice Clearly After So Many Years

At the time when 24-year-old Jekarra Gaines was only 15, she began losing the ability to hear in her left ear. Tragically, it brought a huge impact on the amazing singer from Atlanta, Georgia.

It turned out to be more challenging for her to hear her own voice throughout the years.

In any case, she didn’t let that disability prevent her from seeking her dreams. “I was devastated,” she stated. “It changed my whole life. But I practiced and adjusted.”

Not having any desire to be dealt with differently by the world surrounding her, Gaines shrouded her condition and didn’t look for any treatment.

“I always talked to people on my right side and learned to read lips also,” she stated.

Unfortunately, she began experiencing some difficulties hearing with her right ear as well, so she immediately chose to see a doctor and acquire hearing aids– and the outcome made her very happy.

Gaines couldn’t keep her happiness on finally hearing everything around her clearly. The moment she put the hearing aid, she said, “I can hear in surround sound now.”

Also, when she began to sing, she was totally amazed by the wonderful sound of her own voice.

Watch as she takes every clamor around her and sings for the first time with her hearing aids on. I’m so glad for her!

Since accepting her hearing aids, Gaines says her voice has shown more improvement.

We hope that she could excel more and be great in her career. The video proves that she’s definitely going to be an amazing singer and a star!

Good luck Jekarra Gaines! We are rooting for you!


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