Always Choose To Be The Bigger Person In Any Circumstances

Always Choose To Be The Bigger Person In Any Circumstances

In our lifetime, we encounter different people and circumstances that either shape us or break us. Good people who are also referred to us our “shoulder to lean on”.

While those who motivate and care for us are the individuals whom we refer to as “blessings” in our lives, they support us and believe in us.

Most especially when encountering the darkest moments and circumstances that sometimes lead to our downfall and depression.

However, there are still some people who, despite our kindness to them, will still wish ill for us maybe because anger, jealousy, or envy is deeply rooted in their core.

be good in any circumstances

With that attitude of theirs showing, we should always remember to not let them get to us especially if what they bring us will do us no good.

We should instead believe in those people who support us and wishes nothing but the best for us.

Metaphorically speaking, in instances wherein people are throwing rocks at you in spite of your kindness and good attitude towards them, use the rocks being thrown at you to create a kingdom wherein you will reign.

Moreover, let us rise above the circumstances of negativities and toxicities being thrown at us.

Having said that, no matter how hard it is to choose kindness in any circumstances, let us keep into mind how other people treat us does not show our character but instead, it reveals theirs.


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