AI Mannequins as New Traffic Enforcers in India

AI Mannequins as New Traffic Enforcers in India

AI Mannequins as New Traffic Enforcers in India
Photo: Analytics India Magazine

Bengaluru authorities uses Artificial Intelligence or AI i to address “world’s worst traffic congestion” in the city.

The traffic police of Bengaluru in India are equipping facial recognition-based cameras in mannequins.

Authorities installed cameras on the city’s traffic signals.

However, authorities still want to optimize the use of technology by placing mannequins that are equipped with facial recognition systems. These facial recognition cameras are connected through traffic police central servers.

Placed randomly in several parts of the cities, these mannequins wear police uniforms as if they are guarding the area.

AI Mannequins as New Traffic Enforcers in India
Photo: India Times

Further, The facial recognition software will spot the offenders and report to the police about the offender’s location.

The mannequin can spot the offender from a considerable distance, immediately informing the authorities the offender’s location and direction of travel.

This solution aims to identify and search offenders especially on cases like hit and run and drunk driving.

In addition, the dummy can also estimate the amount of the violations caused by the offender using the facial recognition technology.

As India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru is an ideal location for pioneering modern police enforcement practices.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhasker Rao said the implementation of this project will “serve as the perfect substitution for the police constables.”

Meanwhile, the commissioner said the police can now focus on providing better work and improve the workforce in the department.

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