Abbey Road Album Tops Charts Again 50 Years Later

Abbey Road Album Tops Charts Again 50 Years Later

The Beatles’ last full-length studio album Abbey Road tops the charts again after 50 years.

This year marks the album’s 50th anniversary. Following the momentous event, a series of repackaging and promotions figured for the band and the studio that produced them. According to reports, Abbey Road again reached Number One this month. In essence, this album sets a new record for the longest gap in between Number Ones.

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Additionally, the album also reached number one in terms of vinyl sales this month.

The album held on to the top of the charts during its initial release in 1969. Notably, the album stayed on top for a period of 17 weeks before being dethroned. Accordingly, the album was released just days before Beatles’ vocalist John Lennon announced that he’s leaving the band. Since then, the four members of The Beatles separated despite continuing playing music.

In a tweet, Beatles’ bassist Paul McCartney mentioned that “It’s hard to believe that Abbey Road still holds up after all these years. But then again, it’s a bloody cool album”

Abbey Road was the last to be recorded, but not the last to be released

Indeed, Abbey Road was the last album recorded by The Beatles. However, the album was not the last to be released. Accordingly, that honor goes to Let It Be which was recorded earlier.

Abbey Road features timeless hits such as Come Together and Here Comes The Sun. Notably, the latter finally had a music video. Earlier this month, the studio released a brand new music video for the song as part of the 50th-anniversary festivities.

The album features one of the most iconic photos ever taken. Accordingly, the front cover of the album features the four members crossing the street adjacent to the studios.

Truly, Beatlemania lives on.


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