A Surfer from Florida Surrounded by Sharks Caught on Drone

A Surfer from Florida Surrounded by Sharks Caught on Drone

Perhaps the most terrifying moment was being chased by sharks, yikes! A surfer from Florida was just having fun and surfing until this happened.

Surfer chased by sharks
via pixabay

So last Tuesday, February 18, a man named Jeremy Johnston aged 33 was surfing at New Smyrna Beach.

He thinks that the waves were great at that time so he goes for it.

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Also, he turns on his drone to record the actions.

However, he did not realize what’s coming is something big like literally.

He then elaborates the Situation

In an interview with CNN, he said: to

“But the weather and waves were really great so I decided to go for it,” he said. “I ran out and jumped on my board when I got to shin-deep water and paddled super [shallow] with just my hands, because I was scared of how many sharks were there.”

Courtesy from CNN

He told the news team that he was so nervous as soon as he realized that sharks were chasing him.

In this video below shows how menacing the sharks were:

Courtesy from Jeremy Johnston’s Instagram page (jermjohnston)

Wow, would you believe it? Just take a look at that!

It’s really a breathtaking moment as sharks scattered around the beach.

And it looks like menacing, it was amazing as well especially when you are in that scene.

Just imagine if you are in this situation what you would do Would you swim away or surf out?

Well for me I would swim away.

The surfer explained that:

“I was shocked and amazed,” Johnston said about seeing how many were actually there. “I’ve only ever seen footage like that on ‘Shark Week’ and I’ve always dreamed of getting a clip like this, especially since we’re the shark bite capital of the world.”

Furthermore, he said how he was amazed as if that moment was only seen on ‘Shark Week.’

About these Sharks

These were “Blacktip sharks” experts said, commonly lurking around the New Smyrna Beach.

Well, however, these types of sharks are likely to harm.

For example back in December, a 7-year-old gets uninjured after being knocked off his surfboard.

And most importantly, no one gets hurt here.

And Johnston is alert and yells at people who enjoy the beach to get out of the water immediately.

So clearly Johnston doesn’t want to scare the people but at the beach but just to warn them from getting harmed.

So Johnston decided to go back at and hit the waves again last February 19, Wednesday.

“It should only show you how amazing and diverse our wildlife is here on the east coast of Florida.”

When the wild reaches us, we gotta stay out.


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