A Plumber is Charging His Clients for Free

A Plumber is Charging His Clients for Free

There’s a plumber name James Anderson from Liverpool who has gone viral for his charitable actions for some of his jobs to his clients.

Recently, the granddaughter of his 91-year client posted the invoice of the plumber on the internet.

A lot of people were amazed by him because he has charged the old woman 0 Euros. Yes, you’ve read it right.


The kind-hearted plumber is really one of a kind. That’s why many people are praising him for his deeds.

He fixed the boiler of the elderly woman who also happens to be suffering from acute Leukemia. Moreover, Anderson said that he will continue to work for free with this client.

That’s why many people are commenting on the post of the granddaughter saying, “there’s still hope for humanity”. But this is not the first for Anderson to charge his clients for free.

In fact, the plumber has already charged 2,389 people for free since March 2017 according to CNN during their interview with him.

Moreover, Anderson even made a company, DEPHER, which helps people with their plumbing projects and charge specific people for free.

“So many elderly and disabled people don’t like to ask for assistance because they can’t afford hiring someone to fix something like the boiler. However, not fixing it might give them more trouble. That’s why we’re here to help them and take their worries away.”

James Anderson, founder of DEPHER

His company is receiving a lot of donations to suffice the expenses for the services that they are doing it for free. One of their most generous sponsors is the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund, the Queen’s charity.


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