A MAN in Belgium Has Been Receiving Pizzas He Never Ordered for Almost a Decade

A MAN in Belgium Has Been Receiving Pizzas He Never Ordered for Almost a Decade

Photo courtesy: J. Kenji López-Alt

While many of us have been badly craving for pizzas during the lockdown, a man from Belgium does not even have to ask for it. He was receiving surprise food deliveries of cheesy pizza the past nine years.

But for Jean Van Landghem, 65, he has had enough of these random food delivery guys. They will show up at his front door and drop pizzas he never ordered. Once in January 2019, he said, he received 14 separate pizza deliveries at once.

While pizza has always been one of the mainstays in everyone’s list of  guilty pleasures, Landghem said it has become a recurring nightmare for him. Orders kept coming up, including other fast food items like kebab and pita. They come at all hours of the day and night.  He told Het Laatste Nieuws that he starts to shake fear every time he hears a scooter on the street. He dreads that someone will come to drop off hot pizzas yet another time.

Photo: absfreepic

Van Landghem said he has not had to pay for pizzas as he refused to pay something he did not ask. That makes the situation frustrating and rude to the establishments.

Meanwhile, his friend who lives 20 miles away from him, is also experiencing the same situation for 10 years. Authorities who were looking into the case said the culprit behind the unsolicited pizza delivery requests must be someone the two men both know.


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