A Loving Husband Knows How To Please His Wife

A Loving Husband Knows How To Please His Wife

Most of the time, women are the ones responsible for cleaning and cooking, but it is much better if both partners could help each other.

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Moreover, setting cleaning responsibilities are very beneficial for kids or anyone living in the house.

A loving husband documented his house cleaning for his wife to be thrilled and see that he’s making some contributions at home. He even had the photos presented.

Reddit user named dirty-ol-slob posted many pictures with a caption of, “My wife likes it when I do housework so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would please her.”

a loving husband do house chores
Reddit / dirty-ol-sob

He proceeded, “The only thing I accomplished was making all her coworkers she showed the texts to laugh at how dumb I am…. and getting a clean house.”

doing laundry
Reddit / dirty-ol-sob

He has done the whole thing in a very humorous way and said that he consistently assists in household cleaning. “I’m no Mr. Clean, but I do my fair share of cleaning,” he told BoredPanda.

“If your wife has a full-time job and you’re not helping with chores you better damn well be putting in overtime to satisfy her in other ways.”

All things considered, there’s some inquiry regarding exactly how did the house get so clean.

a loving husband is using the vacuum
Reddit / dirty-ol-sob

He stated, “Notice how the power chord on the vacuum is still wrapped up and not even plugged in… I was more into the pictures than the cleaning.”

We are certain that his wife was pleased, and she values the work that her loving husband has done and was very glad about it. These two surely sound like they have a delightful relationship!


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