A French Castle for $55? Can I own part an of it? Why not?

A French Castle for $55? Can I own part an of it? Why not?

Castles are mainly for the royal blood especially with French and those chosen one decade ago however, these walls are likely uncommon nowadays.

But can you believe you can actually buy a part of it?

Let’s find that out.

french castle
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So this French castle has been a part of everyone and mostly what we call “Kingdom.”

It serves as a royal part of the French kingdom.

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But have you ever about this castle part that is worth $55? Yes, it’s true.

Château de Vibrac, located in Charente, France is one of the Pre-historic fortresses in France.

It is a 14th Century fortified castle in western France.

You can be the co-owner of the part of this fortress, well this is a good deal.

So far there were over 175,000 euros have been raised as a campaign to preserve the french fortress.

And there were more than 1,700 people from across 45 countries becoming co-castle-owners.

The biggest question here is what will we get if we buy one?

The buyers will have lifetime access to the castle, plus the plot in the garden containing their names.

These funds will be used as funds for the castle’s restoration.

“This castle is like a tiny golden nugget that has been abandoned for more than 100 years,”

Dartagnans founder Romain Delaume says.

“We are in a very dynamic area, the place is just awesome.”


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