A Cop Had a Horse Chase in the Neighborhood of Florida

A Cop Had a Horse Chase in the Neighborhood of Florida

Now, we can consider that Florida is a very interesting place. The entire state is by all accounts loaded up with madly deviant stories, from police scanners to broadcast news.

An instance happened when a horse roamed around a neighborhood in Florida, then a cop called to the scene.

a cop
Youtube / Inside Edition

The cop wasn’t able to solve the problem immediately. He approached it in the most hilarious way and was inclined toward the strange scene he is into.

He truly did not expect what he was seeing so out of the conditions, he made a funny action.

horse chased by a cop
Youtube / Inside Edition

Officer Arthur Madden ended up feeling that he was on a scene of ‘Paw and Order’ when he was called to manage a horse going around a neighborhood in Florida.

He stopped beside the horse, then requested in a polite way and said “Stop… if it’s not too much trouble. He then failed as the horse remained loose and simply continued running endlessly.

chasing the horse
Youtube / Inside Edition

After a while, the officer managed to tame down the animal and with some help, they secured the horse up.

tamed horse by a cop
Youtube / Inside Edition

Watch the entire horse chase scene below.

The horse had some great time with the short freedom he experienced. I’m glad that everybody included on the scene had a hilarious way of dealing with it.


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