A Community in Seoul Aims to Be Electricity-Free Society

A Community in Seoul Aims to Be Electricity-Free Society

Most of you probably know that Seoul is one of the busiest cities in South Korea. This is the capital city of the country that’s why many people are living there. However, there’s a small community in that city that aims to be different.

The community is called NoPlug and they wanted to minimize their energy use from the highly-industrialized city of Seoul.

Moreover, their name goes with their idea of living a life with no or less usage of electric plugs.

According to Deutsche Welle (DW), Seoul is one of the top carbon-emitting cities in the world.

That’s why the NoPlug community hopes that their efforts will at least lessen the carbon footprints of their country and finally be removed on the list someday.

Moreover, these people believed that it’s impossible for them to be entirely emission-free.

noplug community in Seoul
NoPlug Community in Seoul

But they are trying their best to lessen electricity consumption and encourage the next generation to use other sources of sustainable and renewable energy.

In fact, their community mostly relies on fuel sources such as solar and fire to do their daily tasks and even operate an electricity-free coffee shop.

“I want to give a dream to young people who are now losing their hope,” says Dr. Yasuyuki Fujimura, Japanese Engineer and believer of the NoPlug community. “It’s our duty.”

This is indeed an inspiring campaign for a small community to the world because we believe that this will help our world by reducing our carbon emissions.

We hope that many people will try their best to help lessen the effects of global warming on our planet.


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