A China METRO Train Stops in the Middle of Nowhere

A China METRO Train Stops in the Middle of Nowhere

Photo: CNN

A metro train station in China include modern facilities to cater the needs of busy citizens coming from different cities and nearby provinces. Lines linked cities that are usually business centers and residential areas.

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However, a metro train station in one of the country’s old capitals, Chongqing, brings any passenger in a post-apocalyptic future situation.

Caojiawan Station opened in 2015 to connect the rural suburb of Caijiagang with the city center.

The station became popular because of its bizarre location, leading you in the middle of nowhere.

It has three exits. However, only one of them is currently in use. The other two gates are now behind overgrown weeds on a barren land.

There are no residential buildings, paved roads in sights. No shops or even public transportation accommodates the very few commuters of the line.

In a report, a staff from the station said: “Very few passengers get off at this station. Most of the time, there will be no passenger boarding or alighting here.”

However, the staff reiterated that the station was built there as the area is cited to be developed as one of the business districts Chongqing.

“With the development of the rail route, it’s possible that it’ll attract more people to the area and help hasten urban development along the line.”


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