A Baby Was Declared Dead Even Though It’s Alive

A Baby Was Declared Dead Even Though It’s Alive

One of the tragic moments in life for parents is to lose a baby. The agony and suffering that they need to endure when this heartbreak to them. Some of us may not be able to understand their feelings.

Just like these parents in New Delhi, India, they almost lose their newborn twins. The first baby is still alive while the other died after a few hours of their birth.

The child who is still alive is in critical condition. The twins are born prematurely on November 30, 2017.

That’s the reason why the other child died while the other is still fighting for his life. However, the doctors mistakenly declared that the baby is already dead.

Therefore, based on the protocol, the doctors covered the bodies in plastic and give them to the family. The babies are about to be cremated but something happened.

“While we are on the way for their cremation, we detected a minor movement in the package and after opening it, we discovered that the baby was alive and breathing,” said Ashish Kumar, the father.

After their discovery, they immediately rushed the baby to the nearest nursing home.

The other members of the family went angrily to the hospital to complain about what has happened. They said that the doctors who declared the death of the baby must be punished.

Obviously, two doctors are fired from the New Delhi hospital. But the hospital strongly claims that they are innocent, and they did not anything wrong.

Sadly, the baby boy is still in life-threatening condition and there are no updates yet if the baby survives.

Every doctor should be very careful when declaring a patient as dead. This is an unforgettable experience for the parents.


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