What’s Your Internet Story That You Like to Share?

What’s Your Internet Story That You Like to Share?

The Internet Story of one of the writers in Viral-Volume.

My first encounter with the Internet is when I was 8 to 10 years old last 2004. It was my mother who used the computer often because of her work and I saw her doing some e-mails.

But the first real encounter I had is when I was in 6th grade in 2007. That’s when I had my first social media account which is Friendster. #Throwback

friendster logo
Friendster Logo via Wikipedia

Maybe most of us have a Friendster account and we did all the designing by ourselves even without the basic knowledge of CSS or website development.

But admit it or not, we enjoyed it and even bragged about the profile.

Sometimes, we also asked our friends to teach us on how they did their profile. Aside from Friendster, I used to play flash games in y8.com and many more.

Afterward, I became very active on the Internet using Yahoo Messenger when I was in high school around 2008 up to 2012 and I guess until the present through Facebook.

Certainly, what I missed about those times are Yahoo Messenger features such as the invisible status and the invitation of your friends to view their webcam.

yahoo messenger
Yahoo! Messenger via Flickr

I guess that’s the prologue of video conferencing that we have today. Sadly, I forgot to save all the pictures I had in Friendster because at that time I am not aware that I should save it.

Above all, that’s just a glimpse of my story on the Internet. If I put all my experiences on the Internet here, maybe it will be a novel.

How about you? What’s your Internet Story? Share this article with your friends to know their stories and reminisce at the same time.


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