Which Sectors in Society Needed Technology?

Which Sectors in Society Needed Technology?

All sectors in society are all equal. There is no sector that is better than the others. They all contribute to the progress of society.

That’s why our technology (or ICT) today aims to help all of them and make an innovation for each sector.

sectors in society that needs technology

However, some social workers believe that it would be more profitable when we use more of our technology in the livelihood sector. But why?

These people claim that it’s the way of life. This is where society gets its finances to supply their needs.

Certainly, social workers also believe that using technologies in education is also profitable and as well as the agriculture sector.

But they wanted the people to be realistic. Whether we admit it or not, our society needs most is money.

We must strive for a living and we can’t get enrolled in a school without enough finances. Therefore, we must prioritize the livelihood sector when using these technologies to make more innovation with it.


More importantly, jobs from livelihood produce money, and money makes all innovations possible. That’s why without money, there won’t be an innovation at all.

How about you? Which sectors in society do you think we need to make use of our technology today?

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