Oxford University leads THE’s List of Top Universities

Oxford University leads THE’s List of Top Universities

For the fourth consecutive year, Oxford University tops the annual Times Higher Education (THE) rankings.

Every year, THE releases the most definitive list of best universities across the globe. Notably, this year’s ranking included more than 1400 schools across 92 counties. Accordingly, the schools are ranked based on a number of qualities that show their performance across teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. THE works with Elsevier in analyzing the data.

In its 2019 publication, Oxford University in the United Kingdom once again led the list. Subsequently, joining Oxford in the Top 10 are the following universities.

  1. Oxford University (UK)
  2. California Institute of Technology (USA)
  3. Cambridge University (UK)
  4. Stanford University (USA)
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  6. Princeton University (USA)
  7. Harvard University (USA)
  8. Yale University (USA)
  9. University of Chicago (USA); and
  10. Imperial College of London (UK)
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Oxford University flanked by Asian Universities

Notably, no university outside North America and Europe made it to the Top 10. However, according to the report, this year’s list includes the most number of Asian universities ever.

Moreover, Japan currently sits as the country with the second most number of universities included in the list with 110. Apparently, the Asian nation finally unseated the United Kingdom from the position this year. Currently, it only trails the United States for the most number of universities included.

Likewise, China also made a strong showing this year. In addition to hosting the top two Asian universities, the country also has 81 universities included in the list.

Additionally, other nations such as Singapore and South Korea also made strong cases this year.

However, the greatest significance that showed the rise of Asian nations are the universities that were included for the first time. Particularly, universities from Vietnam and Brunei have been included in the rankings for the very first time. In addition, Vietnam and Brunei are known to be countries with developing economies, apparently.


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