25th Anniversary of Friends is Celebrated by Google

25th Anniversary of Friends is Celebrated by Google

This September, the fans across the globe are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Friends show.

Most of you probably this American television sitcom which was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

This sitcom was first aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 06, 2004, lasting for ten seasons.

Basically, this show revolves around six friends from 20s to 30s who are living their lives in Manhattan, New York.

Fast forward to today, this show has gained a lot of fans that’s why they will celebrate their anniversary this weekend.

Surprisingly, Google created a special feature for the 25th anniversary of friends.

For us to see this special feature of Google, you just need to search specific words on their search bar.

If you’re going to search for “Ross Geller”, there will be a couch that you can click and you’ll hear Ross’ voice with screen titling.

But if you’re going to click too many times, and you’ll hear Ross again saying “OK, I don’t think it’s going to pivot any more…”

Another special feature, if you type and search for “Chandler Bing“, an armchair will appear and if clicked, it will release a chick and a duck walking on your screen.

Lastly, if you search Google for “Joey Tribbiani”, it will show a pizza icon and when clicked, different foods will pop out and will be collected by Joey’s hand.

25th anniversary of friends
Screenshot in Google

Moreover, it also comes with a voice-over saying, “Joey doesn’t share food!”.

We just mentioned 3 special features of Google they’ve created in celebration for the 25th anniversary of friends. But there are still more, and we wanted you to try it for yourself.

Happy anniversary to all casts and fans of friends! Let’s all thank Google for doing this for us.


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