14 Worms Pulled Out from Woman’s EYE

14 Worms Pulled Out from Woman’s EYE

14 Worms Pulled Out from Woman’s EYE
Photo: Seattle Times

Doctors removed 14 tiny worms from a woman’s eye. This is the first reported human case of a parasitic infection spread by flies.

Abby Beckley, 26, from Oregon was diagnosed in August 2016 with Thelazia Gulosa. This type of worm resides usually in a cattle’s eyes specifically in the northern United States and southern Canada.

They are spread by a type of fly known as “face flies.” The flies feed on the tears that lubricate the eyeball, scientists said.

According to the woman, she was then horseback riding and fishing in Gold Beach, Oregon. The place is known as a coastal, cattle-farming area.

14 Worms Pulled Out from Woman’s EYE
Photo: The Guardian

A week later, Beckley got an eye irritation. While trying to ease the itchiness, she pulled out a worm from her left eye.

She said she visited doctors after the shocking incident but removed the other worms herself in the following weeks. The worms were translucent, and each measured less than half an inch long.

Eye worms feed in several kinds of animals, including cats and dogs. They can be spread by different kinds of flies.

According to the article, there are two types of Thelazia eye worm infections but never this kind, said Richard Bradbury of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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