13 FRENCH SOLDIERS Killed in a Helicopter Crash

13 FRENCH SOLDIERS Killed in a Helicopter Crash

13 French soldiers have died in an accident involving two helicopters in an operation. This happened in Mali, French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said on Tuesday.

Further, the accident involves six officers, six non-commissioned officers and a master corporal that happened on Monday. This was according to a report from Elysee Palace.

Moreover, Macron expressed deep sadness over the fatal incident.

13 French soldiers

13 French soldiers
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Meanwhile, the statement said,

They died for France in the hard fight against terrorism in the Sahel. He sends their families and their loved ones his most sincere condolences, assuring them of the unfailing solidarity of the nation.

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The deaths are the single-biggest loss for the French army since the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing. Further, this was when 58 paratroopers were killed, according to a spokesman for the French Defence Ministry.

In addition, the spokesman said,

The deaths of the French troops in Mali resulted from a collision between two helicopters, the Tiger and Cougar.

France has 4,500 in the region as part of Operation Barkhane. Launched in 2014 to combat jihadist activity across the Sahel region.

Moreover, the president commended the troops in the Sahel fighting for France. In addition, he hailed their determination to continue the mission.


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