Probably The Most Disturbing Side Effect Of This Year’s El Nino

If you watch the news you’re probably aware of the fact that this year will be an “El-Nino” year, which we think might be code for weathermen all over the place going “We have no clue what’s going on”.

And perhaps justifiably so, when we hear “El-Nino” – our mind drifts to powerful storms and heavy rainfall in odd locations.

But there is another, far more subtle change that non of us see – ocean currents all over the globe go crazy, and with those currents come some unexpected guests, like the one in this video – the Yellow Belly Sea Snake – normally, it relies on warm oceans for its habitat, but the currents have caused to wash ashore in Oxnard California.

So yeah, El Nino is coming, and he’s bringing some scary stuff with it.