Is Music The Key Ingredient To Childhood Success? This Scientist Thinks It Might Be

Scientists recently took a video of how fetuses react to music. They discovered that yet unborn babies hear a melody playing outside and, more amazingly, lip sing to it.

The scientists played Bach’s music to women pregnant between 14 to 39 weeks through a device called Babypod. While Bach’s music was playing through it, they watched the reaction of each fetus with the help of 4D Ultra sound.

When the babies heard the music, 78% of them began to move their hands and legs; they also widely opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues. It looked as if they were dancing and singing to the music. All babies stopped performing as soon as Bach’s melody ceased.

This discovery lets influence the development of the baby’s singing abilities. Time will come, when, musically trained before birth,  your babies will sing even before they start talking.