How About 3D Sneakers? Adidas Gives Us Futurecraft 3D, The Individualized Footwear

Because a healthy lifestyle and exercising are fashionable again, sport companies invest into developing new sport footwear as wholeheartedly as computer companies invest into updating computer models. Adidas  company has recently surprised its customers by coming up with a new concept of the footwear, called Futurecraft 3D. First time in our lives, we see sneakers with 3D soles, which can be molded individually to fit the feet of every customer.  Soon, Adidas’s customers will run on a special treadmill memorizing the shape of their soles and then will receive a unique pair of shoes printed out specifically for them. Individualized running shoes will improve results of athletes and will allow them to beat their personal and the world’s records. Adidas will soon change the whole idea of running shoes and of the process of their making.