Bear-Burglars Will Be Stopped: Well, Yes, By Getting Stuck In The Window

In some countries, there are signs on people’s windows: “Burglars will be stopped.” They warn those who want to trespass one’s private property that measures will be taken to prevent them from getting away with the crime. Yet you surely need no such signs, when you are in Kamchatka in Russia and when the burglar robbing your property is a young bear. And mind it, the warning signs are useless there not because the bear did not take the trouble to learn to read. They are redundant, because the bear got himself stopped and even caught on camera in flagrante delicto by his own doing. The hapless burglar got stuck in the window, when he was trying to escape. The poor soul just could not squeeze himself through it. Some burglars should not eat a lot before they go about breaking in people’s houses.