YouTube Red – The Future Of Programing On The Internet?

YouTube just announced the launch of YouTube Red, it’s brand new paid subscription service, but is it just another cash grabbing attempt by Google? or will it truly change the way consumers view content online?

With its brand new service, YouTube joins the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in a way.

Users will pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 and in return get access to quite a few new features, most notably – a commercial free version of YouTube, without any ads.

Some users would be willing to pay for that alone, but YouTube will also be offering original programming from some major internet stars, starting in 2016.

Additionally, users will be able to download content for offline viewing on mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones, which some of us could find incredibly useful.

YouTube also announced the upcoming launch of YouTube music, which will be a sister-service of sorts to YouTube red.

Both services are currently limited to U.S users only, presumably to test them out and work on rights, permissions and other legal issues before expanding to the rest of the globe.

The question now remains, will this move boost YouTube, hurt it or make no difference at all in its statistics?

The early opinion among tech experts is that most users will remain indifferent initially, but if original content is attractive enough, that might swing the pendulum towards a rise in numbers.

The time is still far from us being able to drop the remote entirely and enjoy all of our content online, but YouTube is certainly pushing for that to happen sooner rather than later.