You Will Be Surprised At How Multi-Functional And Chic A Plain White Shirt Can Be

Some garments are conveniently multipurpose: you can wear them to work, for a night out, or go shopping in them. Take jeans. You can look in them casual, smart, or kinky. A plain white shirt is equally versatile. See how you can wear it to appear always different.

Like a pair of jeans or a plain black dress, a white shirt is an indispensable item of your wardrobe. Every woman must have a good white shirt in her possession. Because it goes with absolutely all garments, it will increase a number of combinations you can form with your clothe items and, more importantly, it will make you look equally chic in different venues of your life. A plain white shirt will help you create numerous images for various occasions. 

To be thus functional, your white shirt should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be immaculately clean and fresh.
  • It should be of good quality.
  • You make up should be impeccable as well. The white color does not tolerate smudginess on the face.
  • It is better if your white shirt is made of silk or cotton.
  • Its length should be just above your hips; it sleeves should either reach your wrists or be shorter, reaching your elbows only.

Classic Style At Work.  To look formal at work, you need to combine your white shirt with soft makeup, a minimum of accessories, and good quality shoes. You may choose from these four ensembles below, each of which incorporates a white plain shirt, if you want to look stylish at work.

  1. A dark suit and a white shirt creates a classic combination that is always in vogue.
  2. A white shirt, a pencil-skirt, and dolly shoes.
  3. Formal trousers,  either of solid dark colors or with prints, a white shirt, a blue or red tie, and high heeled shoes.
  4. A monochrome vest, black trousers, and a white shirt. This combination of clothes will make you look formal but elegant.

Casual Style. What should you wear away from work? Your clothes should be comfortable but elegant; bright but not gaudy. A white plain shirt is the best ingredient for stylish casual looks. Here are four examples of how your shirt should be worn:

  1. A white shirt, midi skirt, dolly shoes, and a chunky necklace.
  2. Skinny jeans, a white shirt, and wedgies.
  3. Light flowing pants, a white shoes, and high heeled shoes.
  4. Dark-blue breeches, a white shirt, and dark sandals.

If you go out and want to look stunning, a plain white shirt is helpful again. Here are two suggestions of an evening attire:

  1. A maxi skirt, white shirt, high-heeled shoes, and a small handbag.
  2. A white shirt, flowing bright trousers, and golden jewelry.