Be Careful What You Eat – These Foods Will Make You Stink

We are lucky to be born in the age that gave us means to eliminate body odor. Unlike our ancestors, we are privileged to use soaps, deodorants, and perfumes. So equipped, our bodies should never smell. Yet they occasionally do. We smell badly, when we eat certain food.   

You know that you took shower, you used your deodorant, you applied body lotion, and you even sprayed perfume on yourself. You feel confident that at the party to where you are going right now, you will smell perfectly divine. And stay assured that you will, unless, of course, you are served certain products and you eat them. Scientists have recently found that we might give off a bad smell for a totally different reason than our hygienic habits: certain food makes us stink. So, if you do not want to make people around you at the party uncomfortable, refrain from eating these following products.

Red Meat. Experimenters collected samples of sweat from people who eat meat and from those who do not. Then they let women smell these samples. They discovered that vegetarians smell better than meat eaters. If vegetarian food is still not appealing to you, swap meat for sea food at least at the party. 

Tomatoes. The way we smell is determined not only by our hygienic standards but also by the presence of certain bacteria on our bodies. The bacteria responsible for our smell is called Corynebacterium. These bacteria mix with protein existing in our sweat and breaks down into unpleasantly smelling components. Tomatoes help this process due to some elements contained in them.

Garlic. It does not help if you brush your teeth, after you ate garlic. Garlic has an unpleasant quality to make you smell through all pores on your body. This happens because garlic contains Allicin.  It is converted in our body into other substances that facilitate bacteria’s interaction with sweat. Hence is a bad smell.

Cabbage. Cabbage, like broccoli, is rich in sulfur that helps our bodies get rid of various toxins. And yet, cabbage also causes an unpleasant body odor. It is emitted by our bodies together with gases.

Curry. This a bad news for lovers of the Indian food: aroma of such spices as cumin and curry directly influences our body odor that we omit through our pores. So, if you do not want to fill a room at the party with a strong unpleasant smell, do not touch curry, if your guests happen to serve it to you.