Wrote A Fake Review? Amazon Is Coming After You!

Online giant Amazon has had enough of users writing fake reviews, mostly as a paid service and is now going after those users that take part by suing them.

At some point over the last few years the chance is that you’ve gotten something off of Amazon.com.

Maybe it was that game you had to have, or a nice t-shirt you just saw by mistake – those are usually impulse purchases, and they’re quite easy to make because you know what you want/need and you go straight for it.

But what if there was an item you needed to buy for your home? a new TV for example, that is not something you buy lightly, so you take the time to read up on features and compare various models from different manufacturers.

And finally, you look at user reviews to get an honest opinion.

But what if those user opinions, the ones you rely on – were bought and paid for?

Some companies used such fake reviews on amazon.com to boost their own product ratings while others used it negatively – to impact competitors.

Regardless of the way it was used, amazon wants no more of it and has recently issued 1,144 different lawsuits against users it suspects wrote reviews for products they never purchased or used – in violation of the site’s policy.

Amazon is well aware that 1,144 reviewers are a drop in the ocean of fake reviews, but is hopeful that the threat of possibly being sued will deter others from acting this way in the future and restore some balance to its review process.