Take This Simple Test To Discover What Kind Of Person You Will Be Today

We are not spineless creatures. We have traits that we preserve through our life. When people characterize us, they single out these unchangeable qualities. And yet, our traits are not carved in stone. We have ups and downs, and our mood often changes. Test yourself how you are feeling today.

In order to do this, look at those colorful squares on your right. Relax and rest your eyes on them for a bit. When you feel ready, choose the square which attracts you most. Now read the description of your mood corresponding to the square you have chosen. The squares are numbered from left to right horizontally.

  1. Today, you are carefree, playful, and upbeat. Your life is full of freedom and spontaneity. You are trying to enjoy every second of it. Carpe Diem is your motto today. You are open to new experiences, adventures, and experiments.
  2. Feeling independent, you break free from any confinements that might be imposed upon you today. Your independence will lead you to surprise those around you with your innovative thinking. You also have artistic talents that you successfully demonstrate today in your family circle.
  3. You analyze everything today, including yourself. You are deep in thoughts about the world and your place in it. People with their superficial concerns annoy you, so you prefer solitude, which restores your equilibrium and peaceful mood.
  4. You prefer authenticity and simplicity today. People around you feel comfortable in your company, because you exude calm confidence and reasonableness. Even in the eyes of those who meet you today for the first time, you appear soft and unassuming.
  5. You are confident in your professionalism today. You do not rely on luck but only on your skills. All problems today you solve quickly and with cool head. You do not leave your work place until you complete all your tasks.
  6. Today, you are in a peaceful mood. People find you easy to talk to, but, if they make many demands on your time, you seek solitude away from them. Time spent in lonely meditation makes you feel happy and in harmony with the world. You appreciate what life gives you.
  7. You are active and energetic. You take calculated risks today and shoulder many responsibilities at work as long as your tasks are not boring. Mechanical, uninteresting job tests your abilities to remain calm.
  8. You are romantic and emotional. You refuse to approach life rationally, because you follow your heart in everything you do today. Many minutes are spent in daydreaming and joyful reveries. People who ask you to be reasonable do not excite your interest. You talk to those who share your dreamy mood.