Vests Are In Vogue. These Kinds Are Particularly Cool This Season.

Vest is an attractive piece of a woman’s wardrobe, fashionable this season. Many designers presented their variants of a female vest in fashion shows in London and Paris. It is a versatile item and makes an outfit look casual or smart, depending on its style and an entire ensemble.   

Classic Vest. A male style in the female fashion cannot be successfully imitated without the classic vest. It can be worn as the third piece of the suit or as an independent item, without trousers and a jacket. The classic vest can also be donned with dresses and blouses. It will make any flowery dress look modern and chic. The classic vest can be of any length, even up to your knees and thus resemble a coat without sleeves rather than  a traditional vest.   

Fur Vest. Vests made of fake fur can be of various styles: short and long, combined with different fabrics, and they can even have such an interesting detail as a fur hood. You may wear the fur vest on top of any cotton dress, shirt, jacket, or coat.  You will also attract others’ attention, if you wear your fur vest as you would wear your classic vest: with wool trousers and a silk blouse.

Leather Vest. This piece of your wardrobe can be used instead of a coat in the mildly cold weather, if you wear it with a thick sweater underneath and with gloves.  Vests worn as coats can be made from fabric and fake fur too.  Or it can be a puffer vest. And remember the more complicated and ornate the style of your vest, the more elegant it will look.

Ethnic Style Vest. What differs this type of the vest from the styles discussed above is that it has knitted or embroidered details, or fur trim. What is also particularly hot this winter season is vests in a la Russe style.  It seems that designers in creating this style derived inspiration from the outfits of former Russian tsarinas.  These vests have a lot of embroidery in the Russian style and long-haired fur. You should remember, however, that you cannot wear such vest with any other fur item in your outfit. Everything else in your attire – gloves, hat, or boots – should not have any trace of fur. Only thus will you look stylish and beautiful.