Postpone Aging By Understanding How Different People Age

It is often difficult to determine people’s age just by their looks. This is because we age differently. What determines how we look as we grow older is our type of aging. Read below how to define your aging type and how to prolong your youth according to it.

Genes determine not only what character traits we inherit from our parents but also how we age. In order to predict how you will look in twenty years, scrutinize faces of your mother and grandmothers from both sides. Chances are that you will age as one of them did, because you genetically share her face structure and, consequently, her type of aging. Already in the 70s, cosmetologists, on the basis of the structural differences of our faces, proposed three types of aging in women.

Fatigue Type. If you belong to this type of aging, you will look tired as you grow older. Starting from around your early 30s, you will get dark circles around your eyes, nasolabial folds, and slight sinking of the corners of your mouth. General turgor of your face and neck will deteriorate too. Your complexion will acquire a kind of greyish color. If you belong to this type of aging, use antioxidants. They make your skin tone look youthful.

Deformation Type. Usually, to this type belong women who have large facial features, thick, porous, and oily skin, and who are prone to weight gain. With age, women’s faces of this type become puffy and saggy to the extend that their jaw line droops and a double chin appears. Their nasolabial folds become more defined. Other markers of this aging type are swollen or baggy eyelids and a net of blood vessels emerging on their skin. Women who age this way should have healthy life style. They should limit coffee, tea, salt, and alcohol intake and make sure to sleep no less than 7 hours in a cool room.  They should also apply masks that stimulate collagen and elastin in their skin. Facial massages and filament and RF-lifting will also help.

Wrinkles Type. Women of this aging type are usually slim and, in youth, have unproblematic skin and beautiful complexion. While they are young, their skin arouses envy; when they age, it gets covered with a net of small wrinkles. In worst cases, their face becomes as wrinkled as a baked apple. What women of this aging type should do is to provide enough moisture to their skin. They should also include in their daily care moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C; it is also important for these women to use good nourishing cream at night.