This Mom Dreaded Flying With Her Baby – Until A Stranger Came To The Rescue

For some of us getting on an airplane is a stressful affair.

Now imagine having to board one by yourself, while taking care of an infant.

Are you sweating yet?

Rebekka Garvison sure was, when salvation came from a most unexpected source.

Rebekka and her 4 month old baby Rylee had planned a trip to Fort Rucker, Alabama to surprise husband/father Nick who is stationed there.

But this was to be the first time Rebekka would have to take care of Rylee for the duration of the flight, and as anyone who’s ever sat next to a baby on board an airplane – the experience can get very frustrating, very quickly – and that’s if you’re not the parent.

So Rebekka was understandably nervous.

Her fears were confirmed when she was first seated next to a couple that were slightly less than thrilled to see that baby Rylee would be joining them.

Rebekka asked a flight attendant to switch seats to a row that was slightly less full, trying to avoid any potential conflict, but she could not predict that her new seat would place her in close proximity to Nyfesha Miller, that turned out to be a miracle worker/angel in disguise.

When the plane began taxing to its runway Rylee awoke from her slumber and could not be settled back down, no matter how much Rebekka tried.

Her companion asked if she could possibly hold Rylee and try to soothe her.

Rebekka Hesitantly gave the crying baby to Nyfesha and watched in owe as Rylee settled back down almost instantly.

Nyfesha ended up cradling Rylee for the duration of the flight, and even helped the young mother while she retrieved the stroller after the plane had landed.

Turns out that there is still kindness in the world, you just have to look for it in the right places.

Here’s Rebekka’s original post, which has since been shared over 100,000 times.