This Dutch Town Built An Odd Structure For The Most Unexpected Animal

OK, we love animals as much as everybody, but we’ll be damned if the people of Monster in the Netherlands may have set a new mark for what some people will do to help animals.

The “Bat Bridge” as it is known around town bridges over the two banks of the Vlotwatering river, and, as the name may suggest was designed not only with humans in mind but also for the sake of the local bat community.

Yes – Bats.

They built a bat bridge, we kid you not.

The 160 foot bridge was designed by “Next Architects” – an Amsterdam design studio after the town held a competition seeking an ecological solution for its winged inhabitants.

The bridge may seem normal upon first glance, but if you take a closer look you could see it is actually built in a way that allows bats access through narrow wooden slats, and once inside they can find enclosed spaces to shield them during the cold winter months, areas for roosting in the spring and a semi visible “hang out spot” (pun fully intended) for summer.

Before you think the population of Monster has gone collectively insane, you should probably know that bats consume great amounts of insects, the majority of which are harmful to crops, and wouldn’t you know it – Monster is an agricultural town for the most part.

This is a great attempt by humans to live in some sort of harmony with what most of us consider a filthy animal.

Perhaps there’s a future for us yet!

In unrelated news – Bruce Wayne has decided to relocate to the Netherlands.

Monster- Vleermuisbrug in monster. foto raymond rutting