Is This Fish Heaven? The World’s Finest Aquariums

Who knew? if you’ve got some fish at home you can actually invest turn their habitat a lush jungle that’s a sight to be seen.

There’s even a world championships of sorts for the best designs, feast your eyes on these incredible photos.



Ok, so Technically speaking the competition isn’t really for aquariums but rather for plant designs that turn every aquarium they happen to be in into sights to be seen.

The IAPLC (International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest) was recently held in Japan and the winners will likely blow your mind.

You see, when most of us think of decorating an aquarium we settle for a couple of plants, a nice castle and maybe a few rocks.

But some people just don’t settle for mediocrity, even when it comes to their underwater creations.

Over 2500 aquatic creations from 69 countries took part in this year’s competition where entries has just one criteria – all materials had to be natural.

As it turns out – you can get a hell of a lot done with some natural materials.

The winning Japanese creation can be seen here:


It’s Chinese runner up is also a thing of beauty:


Our personal favorite was this creation from Brazil that came in 4th:


You really need to stop rubbing your eyes at this point.

All of these are entirely real, and are not Photoshopped creations, some of these actually take years of design and maintenance to achieve the perfect look and have all been created by individuals with true passion for underwater architecture.

If only our place was this nice…