The Traktor Kontrol S5 Makes Mixing Up Your Music A Blast

The Traktor Kontrol S4 was a marvelous piece of audio machinery; in fact, it still is, so what does the S5 have that will beat it?

Priced at $799, the S5 certainly caters more to a DJ who wants to make a return on investment.

Despite the addition of stem deck controls, the S5 weighs roughly the same as the S4, and its size is also comparable. The biggest change seems to be in the interface, which has simplified playback controls and on-deck displays for visually assessing your music without needing to crane your neck over to your laptop.

Unfortunately, if you are a jog wheel fan, you’re out of luck with the S5. Still, interface differences aside, all of the buttons and sliders are—just like the S4—very logically laid out, which is to be expected, but is welcomed nonetheless.

As a DJ who’s previously owned the S4, I can tell you I don’t personally see the need to ‘upgrade’ to the S5; however, this is mostly due to the fact that the S5 seems to set its sights on the Novation crowd; it is not an issue of price, although it is a shade more expensive than when I purchased my S4 back in 2011, but that is not factoring in inflation.

I can very easily see Madeon finding the S5 to be an excellent addition to his sonic arsenal.