8 Questions That Will Help You Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

We judge others by their behavior, what they say, and what they say they think. But there is also a part of them that is hidden even from themselves: their subconscious. Subconscious tells more accurately who people are. Here is a simple test that reveals a lot about our subconscious.

You can take this test yourself and test your friends. The test consists of simple questions, which you need to answer without thinking. Just write anything that first comes to your mind.  

  1. Imagine you are walking with somebody through the forest. Who is this?
  2. You continue walking and meet an animal. What is this animal?
  3. What happens, after you and this animal look into each other’s eyes?
  4. You come across a house of your dreams. How big is the house?
  5. Is there a fence around your dream house?
  6. You enter the house and walk into the dining room. There you see a table with food. What kind of table is it and what food do you see?
  7. You walk away from the house until you reach water. Where the water is contained?
  8. How are you going to cross the water in order to reach your destination?

Your answers tell a lot about your values and aspirations. This is how you can interpret them.

  1. The person walking by your side is important to you at this stage of your life.
  2. The animal’s size corresponds to your subconscious perception of your problems. The bigger its size is, the more difficult you think your life is.
  3. The way you react to the animal shows how you tend to deal with problems: passively, aggressively, or rather avoiding them.
  4. The size of the house is the size of your ambitions in life. The taller the house the greater are your expectations from life.
  5. If there is no fence around your house, you are an open and inwardly free person; if there is a fence, you appreciate people’s personal space and try not to invade it. You expect them respect your personal space too.
  6. The absence of food, flowers, or people in the dining room spells your unhappiness.
  7. The size of the water you reach indicates how big are your sexual desires.
  8. The wetter you become while crossing the water the more important sex is for you at this stage of your life. 

You can take this test repeatedly within the space of a couple of days. Your answers may surely vary from one test to another. This is normal. The given test does not reflect your personality in general. Rather, it shows your emotional condition at a certain period of your life.