The Reasons Why Serendipity 3 Has Everyone Talking

Serendipity 3 is one of the most famous restaurants in the world, featuring prominently in at least 2 major movies, including its namesake film Serendipity.

Aside from featuring in movies, the modest-looking venue is the home of opulence and extravagant dining.

Based at 225 East 60th Street, between Second and Third avenues in New York City, the restaurant was founded in 1954 and has seen celebrity appearances from Andy Warhol, Marilyn Munroe, and First Lady Jackie O. In fact, it has been reported that First Lady Jackie O requested Frozen Hot Chocolate for an event she was hosting, but Stephen Bruce, the founder declined, and he instead offered to come to the party and make it himself. However, since then, the recipe can be found in a recipe book called Sweet Serendipity.

The venue has also held the record for the world’s most expensive dessert, which is aptly named the ‘Golden Opulence Sundae’. Costing $1,000, the lavish dessert comes with five scoops of the Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, which is coated 23K edible gold leaf, drizzled with Amedei Porcelana (which is the world’s most expensive chocolate), and covered with pieces of Chuao chocolate, which is from cocoa beans harvested on Venezuela’s coast near the Caribbean Sea.

And we thought having a sweet tooth is cheap!