The Penthouse Suite In The Bellagio Is The Pictorial Definition Of Luxury

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, the flashing lights and sensory overload will be sure to elevate your heart rate, especially with the mesmerizing live shows, casino games, and the exquisite dining experiences.

Sometimes, however, it’s nice to just retire to your hotel room and be pampered in absolute luxury. Imagine this: you dim the lights and kick back in the master bedroom, perhaps with some light jazz music playing through the surround sound speakers; a break from the ringing of slot machines and rattling of the roulette wheel.

As you’re lying back, perhaps you’d like to surf around on the 42-inch HDTV to watch the game or maybe a newly-released movie.

Speaking of surfing, the penthouse suite has high-speed Wireless Internet access, fax, multi-line telephone and speaker to cover every business need you could possibly have.

And, after you’ve snuck in a quick kip, you can venture into the whirlpool tub to soak after a hard day of gambling and handling business. Hell, with automatic drapery, you won’t even need to worry about getting up to close the drapes!

You can do all of this and more in the penthouse suite of the Bellagio, and, with up to 2,052 square feet of space, you won’t have your style cramped by limited space. If you want to reserve a room, you’ll need to call 888.987.6667 or 702.693.7444, or contact reserve your room online from the Bellagio site.