This Woman Will Make You Consider A Life Of Crime

Our lives are quite simple, to the point of being mundane at times, but what if you met a gorgeous woman that swore she would be yours for all eternity, if you just did her a tiny little favor?

Would you do it?

It’s tempting.

She’s a long legged exotic woman by the name of Ana Marie Hernandez, and while she may look like a well kept trophy wife for some wealthy businessman, the truth could not be further from it.

The very lovely Hernandez was/is (that’s up for debate at this point) one of people with the greatest amount of control over the American Midwest coke trafficking scene, and she was on the run for over 2 years until being caught last week near Chihuahua, Mexico (yes, that’s a place).

From bits and pieces of information gathered from various cases pending against her, it would seem that our hot criminal was one of the ‘higher ups’ in the infamous Sinaloa cartel, headed by the equally infamous ‘El Chapo’ – Joaquin Guzman.

Following ‘El Chapo’s’ arrest, it is believed that Hernandez started working for the rival Juarez cartel, using both sides and becoming a large scale trafficker, with some officials even going as far as speculating that Hernandez and Guzman were romantically involved.

It is not hard to see how Hernandez, A.K.A ‘The Doll’ made her way up the ranks of such ruthless organizations when you see her police mugshot.


Sign us up for the next season of “Orange Is The New Black” that she’s in!