The Most Expensive Rum In The World Is A Work Of Art

Although rum is commonly associated with swashbuckling pirates on the high seas, 21st century–rum has come a long way since antiquity.

The thing about rum—like a lot of alcoholic beverages—is that to make good rum, you need time… and a lot of it. Although top shelf–rum often takes years to produce, there is one such rum that is in a league of its own: ‘Legacy’ by Angostura.

Valued at a staggering $25,000, a bottle of Legacy is the culmination of six years of work from the experts at Angostura. With a combined 50 years of experience, they pooled all of their collective knowledge into creating the finest rum they could possibly muster. Like something out of a high fantasy novel, Legacy infuses seven of the rarest and most valuable rums available.

To give you an idea of just how much care and dedication has gone into this exquisite bottle, just know that the youngest rum is 17 years old.

Even the presentation box has had 56 hours of human labor poured into it, with the box being designed by the jeweler to the Prince of Wales, Asprey of London, spanning ten different levels of craft mastery. Each of the 20 bottles of Legacy were sold in 2012 for charity.

So, if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on a bottle, you will probably have to know a guy the knows a guy.