Multi-Billionaire John Mackey Reveals Why ‘Whole Foods’ Is Such A Success

John Mackey is the mastermind behind the Whole Foods Market organic super chain that was established to bring healthy foods and lifestyles to consumers across North America. 

The inception of Whole Foods Market started at a grassroots level in Austin, Texas. What began as a local partnership between a small health food store called SaferWay and a natural grocery store soon became a national sensation, particularly amongst the the health crowd. Below are some of the main factors that are driving the company’s outstanding results: 

1. Dynamic subcategory
Whole Foods Market created a niche that hadn’t previously been ventured by serving as a grocery store offering healthy, organic and natural products.

2. Turn customers into brand ambassadors
Whole Foods Market believes that using the power of word of mouth recommendations from consumers is absolutely the way to go and happens through extraordinary customer service standards. 

3. Impeccable standards
Whole Foods Market took the necessary steps to become the first organic grocer by ensuring that all their products meet the highest organic standards and by obtaining certification from Quality Assurance International (QAI). 

4. Empower your sales staff
All regions are responsible for product procurement, employee training, PR/marketing activities, and making critical business decisions. 

5. Have an impactful purpose
As John Mackey has said: “I believe that most of the greatest companies in the world also have great purpose. Having a deeper, more transcendent purpose is highly energizing for all of the various interdependent stakeholders, including the customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and the larger communities in which the business participates.”

6. Give back to the community
If the community supports your business, it’s only natural to return the virtue. Mackey believes that the preconceived notion of businesses operating only to be selfish or only to be altruistic is outdated. To him such dichotomies don’t paint an accurate picture, and in reality, doing both is more than possible.